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At 28 I was a bathroom attendant with a college degree. This was the pinnacle of what I’d achieved a range of other attempts at earning a living including shoveling horse dung, mowing lawns and selling candles on street corners. When I was at college in San Diego despite overcoming the odds as the smallest guy on the team and dedicating endless hours to success, I ended up sacrificing my body as a division 1 footballer which took me years to bring back to full health. All I dreamed of was running away from it all, so I did…

I joined the circus. Then came the naysayers and those who ridiculed me for being a clown, which in fact I had to accept as that is exactly what I was but my life didn’t stop there. Fast forward a few years and I’d turned it all around. I have built three successful businesses, two of which earn 6 figures annually. I have traveled the world, I own three homes and have a diverse portfolio of investments. I have also assisted over 10,000 people improve their lives by managing their finances and pay for cars, homes and education for their children. Read More about me

My favorite quote

We can only do our best and the best is what we will have.

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I’ve been thinking a lot about what we talked about. So many nuggets of wisdom you enlightened me with. THANKS Breck I really am inspired by you.


I loved your heart and energy and expression on stage at LIB and found your authentic excitement and encouragement about possibility and life growth expansion to be quite inspiring and beautiful.

E. Maxick

I was suitably impressed with Breck that his message has broken through the ‘noise’ of our daily media bombardment.


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